OpenSim Gallery

I have some ideas about some interesting and unique games that can be developed in OpenSim. But I think the threshold for using Second Life/OpenSim today is too high. For a pilot project I thought I’d do something simple, so I decided to do an image gallery. I asked my aunt (Karin White) which has been a painting… Read More »

Leaving NimbusTech AS

I’ve left my position at NimbusTech AS. NimbusTech AS was founded by me and Imran Tamboli in 2008 as a joint venture based on a privately held company I have been running since 2003. During our time in NimbusTech we have had a high learning curve and learned a lot about business (and accounting) from a non-developers perspective. We have some good and… Read More »

Perl: Command-line regex

A few command-line tricks for Perl: Filter based on regex (like grep -E) cat file.txt | perl -n -e ‘print if /regex.*matched/’ Replace based on regex cat file.txt | perl -n -e ‘s/regex.*matched/replacement/gi’ Replace based on regex inside file (will change file) perl -pi -e ‘s/regex.*matched/replacement/gi’ *.txt Replace based on regex inside file (will change file) and make… Read More »

Tip: Always use ASP.Net State Server during development

Always use ASP.Net State Server during development Using “ASP.Net State Server” during development forces developers to use serializable-attribute on all objects stored in Session. Reasons: No extra effort required by the developer. Changing to ASP.Net State Service or SQL session storage on a solution not developed for it requires a full and extensive test of the whole solution. If… Read More »

Tip: Never use IP addresses

Never use IP addresses Use of IP addresses are never actually required. There are two fully valid alternatives: Using DNS name served by DNS server. Windows/Linux can have unlimited number of DNS servers in case one goes down, so there is no problem with stability. Just add more DNS-servers. (At least two) In case DNS is not possible… Read More »

.Net tools to use: log4net

log4net Description Free popular logging system developed by Apache Foundation. Difficulty 1 line at top of each class. A standard XML-section in web.config. Sample usage: Sample web.config: Advantages Easily configured in web.config to filter what to log. Can write log to text-file, SQL, Trace, ASP.Net Trace, Event Log, SMTP (E-mail), etc. Has several levels based on severity… Read More »

.Net tools to use: Nini Nini   Description An uncommonly powerful .NET configuration library. Use this for reading web.config (instead of .Net built-in System.Configuration…) and any other .ini-file or .xml-file containing configuration. Difficulty 2 lines to read (usually called at page_load or similar). Sample usage: Advantages Automatic type conversion (GetString, GetInt, GetBool, etc). Configuration can be both read and written to. Can… Read More »

C#: Replacement of $REPLACE_ID$ tokens (file or stream input+output)

Helped out a guy on IRC making a method that replaces text in a file/stream, thought I’d share it. Basically it reads from one file line by line and writes to another while executing a custom replacement method on every line. Note: This code is not optimized for speed. Although it will perform very well, it CAN be… Read More »