Embedding YouTube in WPF WebBrowser control

Embedding YouTube into your C# WPF application can be done by wrapping embedded YouTube in a WebBrowser object (Internet Explorer). There are a couple of things you need to do to make it work. Tested on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit in .Net 3.5 (VS 2010). Sample code can be found at the bottom. Add Mark of the Web… Read More »

Help on IRC client

I’m working on an IRC client and looking for people to help… The client is currently functional, but missing a lot of GUI-stuff like channel bar, friends list and other neat functions. It’s written in C# with WPF GUI. All functionality is implemented through modules (.dll-files) and dynamically loaded after client has started. I’m looking for both beta… Read More »

Datalagrinsdirektivet (DLD) zero-day exploit

I forbindelse med høringen om Datalagringsdirektivet så tenkte jeg å lage en liten zero-day exploit. Det vil si en exploit som er ute før sikkerhetshullet er fikset, eller i dette tilfellet allerede før sikkerhetshullet er implementert. DLD virker lite meningsfullt for alle som ikke har en post-it lapp hengende på skjermen som sier “HUSK! VG – BLÅ ikonet,… Read More »

Optimizing virtual machines

At work we use a lot of virtual machines running in Virtual PC, VirtualBox and vmware, I’ll call them VPC. Basically we set up a VPC with a development environment for each customer, and thereby keeping a clean development environment which can be passed between developers easily. There are many advantages in doing it this way. For instance… Read More »

Antivirus performance test

This performance test of different antivirus applications is actually a good read. There are some difference between the worst and the best. I was especially surprised to see that the antivirus software could make a simple file copy take up to twice as long. So maybe disabling the antivirus now and then isn’t a bad idea.

Making ASP.Net recompile go faster

When developing in ASP.Net one often recompiling frequently to test changes and hunt for bugs. If the project is of any size this recompile can take quite some time. I was searching for information on how optimize ASP.Net recompile and I found an interesting article. Basically you add optimizeCompilations="true" to the <compile> tag in web.config. If you have… Read More »

History of IRC apps I've made

Throughout the years I’ve written a lot of IRC related programs as hobby projects. Here is a summary of what I can remember at least… mIRC IRC server (1996->1998?) When mIRC scripting got socket support back around 1996-1998(?) I wrote an IRC server in mIRC scripting. I remember it was surprisingly easy to use mIRC scripting for this.… Read More »


For the past 10 years I’ve been coding IRC clients on and off as sort of a hobby. Only a couple has been released in alpha, but I usually started redeveloping them from scratch at some point. And here we are again. Nimbus.IRC (originally Tedd.IRC) is the working name of yet another IRC client I’ve written. This time… Read More »

Bug in Mono.Cecil

I’m encountering this annoying bug in Mono.Cecil… It seems that when modifying the assembly it calculates wrong offset, depending on what I add… Basically Mono.Cecil adds a jump out of the method. Which in short leads to broken assemblies: [IL]: Error: [C:\…\Tedd.Fibres\Tedd.Fibres.Test.GUI\bin\Debug\Tedd.Fibres.TestModule_out.dll : Tedd.Fibres.TestModule.TestClass::Test][offset 0x00000028] Branch out of the method. I managed to Google some other people having… Read More »