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I have some ideas about some interesting and unique games that can be developed in OpenSim. But I think the threshold for using Second Life/OpenSim today is too high.

For a pilot project I thought I’d do something simple, so I decided to do an image gallery. I asked my aunt (Karin White) which has been a painting artist for like forever if she had some pictures to lend me for the project.

The whole idea is to get OpenSim up and running with a web-browser plug-in or a client/viewer that is VERY easy to install and connect to the correct server. Once I have this proof-of-concept working then I will start on the next project.

Sadly so far all clients are difficult to handle and does not come as a web browser plug-in. 3Di has one that does work inside web browsers, but it is buggy and lacking features. My current best bet is Naali, the new client/viewer from the guys and gals at RealXtend. It is still in early alpha and lacking in features, but it is making rapid progress.

I’ve been working on it on and off for a month or two. It’s been a busy couple of months (even more than usual), so progress is slow. But here is a sneak preview.




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