Help on IRC client

I’m working on an IRC client and looking for people to help…

The client is currently functional, but missing a lot of GUI-stuff like channel bar, friends list and other neat functions. It’s written in C# with WPF GUI. All functionality is implemented through modules (.dll-files) and dynamically loaded after client has started.

I’m looking for both beta testers and developers of all skill levels that would like to contribute.

The work ranges from small and simple to more complex tasks. Since code is isolated in modules it is easy to work on single features without having to relate to unrelated code.

The plan:

  • Finish GUI so the client is usable.
  • Change module loading architecture to use .Net 4.0 parallel programming and make more interfaces for common stuff so modules don’t have to explicit hook up to events in the client core.
  • Add support for images and YouTube videos directly in window.
  • Bugfixing.
  • Make a proper script with channel protection.
  • Speed up parts of the client, especially text window which currently is using WPF with a LOT of metadata.
  • Release version 1.0.
  • Release source code. (GPL? BSD?)
  • Document module API.
  • Webcam and microphone support.
  • FTP-like file sharing support.
  • Music sharing support.
  • Customizable channel, for example OPs can set HTML template for channels.
  • Script support with editor.
  • Automatic plug-in browser and download/install/uninstall.
  • Isolated plug-in execution (AppDomain sandbox) so its secure to run any evil third party plug-in.

The modular approach has some advantages:

  1. Functionality is located in separate modules (Visual Studio Projects) so code is easy to maintain.
    Upgrading functionality simply means replacing old .dll with new one.
  2. New functionality can easily be added with no limits to the API.
    Later this will be extended to script support (any .Net-language) with no limits to the API.
  3. Since GUI is also modules it is easy to add support for new platforms such as Console, Linux, Mac and Windows Mobile 7.

If you are interested email me at [email protected] or contact me on IRC (Weathros @ Undernet).

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