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Battlefield Heroes Rcon .Net library

What is BFH? Battlefield Heroes is a free-to-play first person cartoon shooter. 8×8 players battle it out on different maps using traditional weapons and special abilities. My server http://www.battlefieldheroes.com/en/bookmark/server:0104ea2f-1c0f-42a1-b05e-e19e33a6f4ba You need to bookmark, start the game, select “Game finder”, select “Bookmarked” and locate the server to join it. Background For the past few years I have been playing… Read More »

.Net tools to use: log4net

log4net http://logging.apache.org/log4net/ Description Free popular logging system developed by Apache Foundation. Difficulty 1 line at top of each class. A standard XML-section in web.config. Sample usage: Sample web.config: Advantages Easily configured in web.config to filter what to log. Can write log to text-file, SQL, Trace, ASP.Net Trace, Event Log, SMTP (E-mail), etc. Has several levels based on severity… Read More »