Changing tactics

After a meeting with Babbage Linden in Zero Lindens office hours on thursday I realized that with the new Mono/.Net compiler they are implementing we will have to make a few adjustments. It was earlier assume that compilation would be done at client of both LSL and LSO, therefore I focused on making a LSO (LSL virtual machine)… Read More »

Small milestone reach today

Application is now able to: Create Script Engine (SE) SE hooks up to a temporary debug event in Test App Test App asks SE to load LSO-file SE compiles LSO-file into .Net Assembly SE loads .Net Assembly SE Initializes the .Net Assembly and hands over a “LSL BultIn Commands” object (this object is the scripts command-object) Script Manager… Read More »

Status on initial SE implementation

With the model described in the two prior postings we will have simple scripts support up and running fairly quickly. Other developers will be able to extend script support while I continue working on Compiler and ScriptEngine. Both incoming events and outgoing LSL builtin commands needs extending. We will lack script yield inserting. This is where the preparation… Read More »

ScriptEngine – Events

The builtin commands for SE is simple enough. But incoming events could need some more planning. SE will have a set of events that is fired based on stuff that happens in OpenSim (EventHandler). This EventHandler will translate the event into a LSL-compatible event, including picking up the required parameters. The EventHandler needs to know what object, and… Read More »


The time has come to start implementing script support into OpenSim. ScriptEngine (SE)OpenSim will have an interface for SE. It will load SE dynamically using reflection. SE will be in separate .dll Assembly.During load SE will hook itself up to the necessary events in OpenSim.This includes: Object rez (look for active scripts), object derez and all events relating… Read More »

Current status

Static and global variable support has been added. All push/pop functions added. Simple scripts that use variables, math and internal functions (like llSay) are now supported.Stack and all internal data are ready for serializing, so running script can be moved between servers – but no fibre/user space multitasking/microthreading has been implemented yet – so move has to happen… Read More »

Current OPCODE implementation status

This is the current OPCODE implementation status:


Book: CLR via C#, Second Edition

This morning I received the book I ordered from 1 week before estimated arrival. The book is named CLR via C# (Second Edition) and is supposedly the bible of understanding CLR. So 648 pages from now I should be able to utilize my new skills in the LSO project… :)

My other blog

I have another blog: It is used for blogging about Second Life stuff, specifically the development I’m doing for OpenSim server. I’m writing a program (a) that reads a program (b) and creates a program (c) that will run inside a program (d) as a module.a = My programb = Second Life LSO ByteCode (compiled LSL script)c… Read More »

Hello World!

Hi there everybody! Any articles before this one are copied from my previous blog.