Making some progress

By | 2007-07-12

Today I found a “final bug” in my LSL ByteCode parser, and was able to get read seemingly clean ByteCode. I also made a quick hack of merging the CLR RunTime code generator with the LSL ByteCode parser, and compiled my first small function.
It works! :)

Also writing the compiled script to a .dll-file. Necessary as the only way I know of to debug CLR is through the loveable PEVerifier.EXE.

Of course most work remains. States are not supported, dynamic function names not supported, only one OPCODE (PUSHS – push string to stack) and only one BUILTIN command (llSay mapped to Debug.WriteLine) is supported.

Not to mention user space multitasking and moving a running script between regions.

Notice the last two lines of this log…

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