Second Life

By | 2007-07-12

Second Life is a virtual world created by you and me. It’s like Web 2.0, only World 2.0. Meaning you can make, do and find anything there. And it is growing really fast.

Many many many years ago, back in the late 90’s when I was still young, I played around with the thought of creating such world. I had it all figured out, but 3D programming has never been of much interest to me. I made some fun sin/cos algorithms and made my own name spin in 3D back in QBasic and DOS days. Played around with DirectX and WildTangent. But never anything serious. And now someone has made it (SL), even better than I imagined. Happy happy! :)

Safe to say, I like it. But its still very limited. I can make a few objects and a few scripts. But I want to make animals with artificial intelligence, even a full ecosystem. This would require a freedom LSL and Lindens servers can not offer at this time.

I played around a bit with libsecondlife to control my character, and sure it was fun enough, but not what I was looking for.

So I found out someone had started writing OpenSim. An Open Source implementation of Second Life server. And less than 2 weeks ago I joined the project.

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