C#: Replacement of $REPLACE_ID$ tokens (file or stream input+output)

Helped out a guy on IRC making a method that replaces text in a file/stream, thought I’d share it. Basically it reads from one file line by line and writes to another while executing a custom replacement method on every line. Note: This code is not optimized for speed. Although it will perform very well, it CAN be… Read More »

OpenSim in Visual Studio on Win64

Note! Article applies to developers using Visual Studio on 64-bit Windows. Visual Studio is a great tool. Most developers who can use it should. Currently OpenSim has some problems with 64-bit mode. This is because we have some native .dll’s and .so’s such as: SQlite ODE OpenJpeg + more SQLite you can do without by choosing MySQL or… Read More »

SECS in technicolor

Just a model of the pipeline. Work in progress. Boxes that share same color are related.

Script Engine Component System (SECS)

What is a script engine?Currently I see people define a script engine very simply as: The thing that runs the scripts.This is a narrow definition that I never intended with DotNetEngine (see previous posts). Instead I would say the script engine is the most important component of OpenSim. I am a humble person when it comes to my… Read More »

DotNetEngine and xengine

The realizationBefore my hands went bad I started the process of introducing a new common way of implementing script engines. This came from the realization of two things. First of all that many had difficulties understanding how to implement their own engine variations based on current engine, and second that not all developers are willing to conform to… Read More »


Hello… Is this thing still on? Ok, its a while between each post. The amount of time I have varies. Lately I’ve been disabled by some inevitable hand-hurting as a result from effort in another project I worked on. I’m also in the startup phase with a new company, so time is still not something I have an… Read More »

OpenSim tackles high load

3Di have provided us with some new fancy features being added to OpenSim over the next few days. Region splittingAllows multiple physical computers to cooperate on maintaining one region. This is good for scenarios where you would want a large amount of people in the same region (think large events). OpenSim has already proven the potential of holding… Read More »

Objectifying LSL

A few months ago we decided to make a distinction between SL’s LSL2 and our own LSL implementation. This mainly because we were planning to add new features to the language. But also to make people understand that the compatibility may not be 100% – at least not for some time into the future. One thing is implementing… Read More »

New languages

DotNetEngine has received a couple of new languages: VB.Net and JScript.Just add //vb or //js as the first characters of your script. Examples here: http://opensimulator.org/wiki/OpenSim:Scripting_Languages LSL support has also been improved to support states and also a minor patch for functions inside . It seems like LSL is starting to run ok now.

New common framework

I have moved most of the code from OpenSim.Region.ScriptEngine.DotNetEngine to OpenSim.Region.ScriptEngine.Common. Right now we have only one ScriptEngine, and its purpose is to emulate a Second Life script engine by executing scripts put into prims. But in the future I expect different kinds of script engines such as controllers that manipulate in-world game rules or objects from a… Read More »