ScriptEngine with many regions per server

I have added a whole lot of detailed config options in OpenSim.ini.example that can be used to control DotNetEngine. Many of these are specific to Common, some are specific to DotNetEngine.

You can now control a lot of detailed stuff that you usually wouldn’t care about. The reason why these options are there now is because 1) Common will be sharing resources across different script engines (so we can support large amounts of script engines) and 2) who knows what you will be using OpenSim for.

One of the most important new features is the capability of Common to share maintenance, load/unload and execution threads accross instances (read: regions). Today a new instance of ScriptEngine is created for each region. And with 3-4 threads per ScriptEngine … I guess this is a severe limit to large scale use of OpenSim.

Note! The thread sharing is currently disabled due to some bugs that needs fixing.

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