OpenSim tackles high load

3Di have provided us with some new fancy features being added to OpenSim over the next few days.

Region splitting
Allows multiple physical computers to cooperate on maintaining one region. This is good for scenarios where you would want a large amount of people in the same region (think large events). OpenSim has already proven the potential of holding well over a hundred users, and this patch increases that number many times.

Dynamic load balancing
Monitors the load (often related to number of users) a region is exposed to and can realtime move the region to a computer with less load (while it’s running!). More efficient use of computer resources means we save electricity. No more empty regions occupying an idle server. So this is a green patch! 🙂

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  1. Hello!Could you please proof that you’ve requested VisualSVN Open Source Developer license for OpenSimulator project?Thanks!–With best regards,Danil ShopyrinVisualSVN Team


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