Status on initial SE implementation

With the model described in the two prior postings we will have simple scripts support up and running fairly quickly.

Other developers will be able to extend script support while I continue working on Compiler and ScriptEngine. Both incoming events and outgoing LSL builtin commands needs extending.

We will lack script yield inserting. This is where the preparation of .dll for microthreading will happen.

We will have a simplified version of Event Queue Manager that will use a custom threadpool to execute events and brutally kill any long-running events.

We will havea simplified version of AppDomain handling that basically just loads all scripts into one AppDomain with no code security.

We will have a basic LSL Compiler that can compile the simplest LSL scripts, but that others can extend command support for.

In short, the scripts should be able to llSay() during rez. But can easily be extended by anyone to support the commands we need. The basic structure is in place, and we can build upon that bit by bit.

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