Small milestone reach today

Application is now able to:

  1. Create Script Engine (SE)
  2. SE hooks up to a temporary debug event in Test App
  3. Test App asks SE to load LSO-file
  4. SE compiles LSO-file into .Net Assembly
  5. SE loads .Net Assembly
  6. SE Initializes the .Net Assembly and hands over a “LSL BultIn Commands” object (this object is the scripts command-object)
  7. Script Manager adds Script to an Object[].Script[] structure
  8. By pressing a button in Test App an event is sent to SE
  9. SE receives event and queues it to correct ObjectID + ScriptID
  10. Separate thread dequeues event and sends it to Script Manager
  11. Script Manager executes function
  12. llSay() is displayed to debug console

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