I find myself throwing together web API’s and small web apps regularly for various purposes. Each project contains the same setup such as logging, managed config, api areas, api versioning, etc… Often I end up going into a previous project and copy-paste. I thought I would save myself a bit of time by documenting the process for each feature here.

For clarity I’m splitting the features into separate blog-posts, and I start it off by setting up a simple project so that anyone following the posts can start on the same page as me.

In this post we simply create the project which will be the basis for the following posts.

Create project

Project is named differently than solution. Also trying to avoid naming project “Web”, “Console” or other words that will conflict with existing .Net/third-party namespaces. It’s not a big problem, but annoying when they collide.
Run the project to see that ASP.NET Core MVC-pages are working properly.

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