Kinect OpenCV object recognition

By | 2011-03-12

OpenCV SURF object recognition. Capable of detecting object that is tilted and rotated. Using EmguCV OpenCV .Net wrapper.

It’s part of my Kinect starters kit, a framework and a few sample modules for playing with Kinect programming in C#. Source will be released soon.


4 thoughts on “Kinect OpenCV object recognition

  1. kexi

    That is really cool!!!! I just wonder how you did it! If you can release the code sometime, that could be awesome!!

  2. Everardo Sánchez

    Hi, I am working with the kinect. NET for object recognition, but it has not been easy, could you recommend me that documents can help me?.

    Thank you very much

    1. tedd Post author

      I’d recommend looking into OpenCV. But it depends on what your purpose is.
      Just for fun = Google some algorithms.
      Trying to make something = Use existing Library such as OpenCV (the CV stands for “Computer Vision”).

  3. Carlos

    can i watch your code? i would be very helpful….im doing similar things with my kinect, my problem is the “cvcapture” I want to capture objects with the rgb camera from the kinect, help please! =(


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