Kinect OpenCV object recognition

OpenCV SURF object recognition. Capable of detecting object that is tilted and rotated. Using EmguCV OpenCV .Net wrapper.

It’s part of my Kinect starters kit, a framework and a few sample modules for playing with Kinect programming in C#. Source will be released soon.


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  1. That is really cool!!!! I just wonder how you did it! If you can release the code sometime, that could be awesome!!

  2. Hi, I am working with the kinect. NET for object recognition, but it has not been easy, could you recommend me that documents can help me?.

    Thank you very much

    • I’d recommend looking into OpenCV. But it depends on what your purpose is.
      Just for fun = Google some algorithms.
      Trying to make something = Use existing Library such as OpenCV (the CV stands for “Computer Vision”).

  3. can i watch your code? i would be very helpful….im doing similar things with my kinect, my problem is the “cvcapture” I want to capture objects with the rgb camera from the kinect, help please! =(