Disable Windows 7 Sound Card Jack Sensing

Windows attempts to auto detect any changes to the plugs in your sound card. That doesn’t work well with my sound card (X-Fi something) so the speakers keep falling in and out randomly.


The sound card drivers are located under the registry key:


Search for “EnableDynamicDevices” (located under GlobalSettings somewhere) and set it to 0 (zero).
Note: You may have multiple sound cards (and old drivers), so repeat search to find all occurences in ClassId branch described above.

I’m spent a few days in figuring this out so I hope it helps!

Edit: The sound card on my Lenovo W510 seemed really bad (on powerfull high pitched sounds it would “break through” and play music normally). I figured since the W510 had only 1 socket it was a combined speaker/mic. So I did above patch, rebooted and suddenly the card works as expected.

Edit 2: Michael L. pointed out changing “ForceDisableJD” to 1 helped him. Michael has shared his findings in a comment on this page.

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