Compression algorithm

Found an article from May 2007 that haven’t been posted. About time I guess. 🙂

Every now and then I get a bright idea about a new compression algorithm I have to test. Here are results from my latest idea:

Debug checksum: 418
Original data: Tedd!
Original data length: 5
Compressed data length: 7
Result (non-binary): 418,5,295700136

Time used: 12566,444979
Checksum combinations: 295.700.136
Combinations tested: 143.418.221.908

In plain english: it took me 3 hours and 30 minutes to compress 5 characters, the result was 7 characters long. To arrive at the result 143 billion iterations was necessary. There are roughly 25 calculations per iteration.

Compressing 3 characters took around 0,2 seconds. Compressing 4 characters took around 94 minutes. If I were to attempt this on 6 characters it would take around 38 days to calculate. 7 characters would take 26,1 years to complete. time_of_one_iteration*(256^num_of_characters)

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