Starting my own company


I’m currently in a period of less activity on the development front. Very sorry about that.
At the end of last month I quit my job and started my own company as an independent consultant, and with this comes a lot of work setting up, getting customers, etc…

The good news is that once this is through I will be back for full. The plan is that my company will support this project through my development effort, so there will be time set of specially for OpenSim. But the time I can put into it will of course vary a bit depending on what projects I’m on.

But I’m looking very much forward to starting back up on OpenSim. The plan is tomorrow (monday) or tuseday, depending on finalization of current project. But my mind has not been completely absent, I’ve been thinking about the ScriptEngine allthough I haven’t had time to do any coding.

This is what I want to fix next:

  • Look into how to move ScriptEngine from Region to Sim-level with MW, changing object and script identifiers to LLUUID.
    This way a script can keep running even though it crosses local regions – a great benefit to both the script itself and the servers.
  • Document how so anyone who wants to take on the mission of creating llHttpRequest can do so. (this is one of those long commands that needs cleaning up if a script is removed)
  • Serialize/Deserialize code in AppDomains so we can move running scripts (that are inbetween executions) and keep their state when stopping/starting server.
  • Make scripts work in Grid-mode.

Also I have been playing with the idea of restructuring ScriptEngine so that it can easily be used in other projects too. But we’ll have to wait and see…

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