Small stresstest

114 scripts loaded. 1 script per AppDomain. Most scripts are alone inside a prim, except the big box over there that has something like 10 scripts in it (it is bigger so I could fit more scripts into it).

My computer is a 2,8GHz Prescott with 2GB RAM and Windows Vista Ultimate.
60 of the scripts run the timer event every 1 second. 50 run it every 5 seconds.

Basically this tells us that ScriptEngine uses a bit too much memory. This is expected. CPU usage while running 114 events every x seconds is almost nothing.

Increase from 38MB to 76MB RAM when creating objects and scripts, so ~10MB for 25 scripts+objects.

The scripts don’t do much work right now, but if they did the speed would still be high as they are compiled to CPU native code.

Results after running for 9 hours

OpenSim did not crash or eat any more CPU or memory over time. However the Second Life viewer did crash, so I had to log in again… Funny 😉

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