Introduction of a new class

Some LL-commands takes longer to return. These often return with a event. For example llSetTimerEvent(10) will return a timer() event every 10 seconds. llHttpRequest() will return when it receives answer from HTTP-server.

To handle these types of requests a new class has been added as a subclass of ScriptEngine. The class is named LSLLongCmdHandler.cs. This class will contain handlers for adding/removing requests. Adding when script executes a command, removing when command is not complete yet but script is being moved to another region or otherwise removed.

The class has a dedicated thread that will be working the different services, for example async HTTP requests and queueing of timer events at the correct intervals.
LSL_BuiltIn_Commands.cs accesses this class through ScriptEngine.

Example from LSL_BuiltIn_Commands.cs:

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