DotNetEngine and xengine

The realizationBefore my hands went bad I started the process of introducing a new common way of implementing script engines. This came from the realization of two things. First of all that many had difficulties understanding how to implement their own engine variations based on current engine, and second that not all developers are willing … Read more

Status of LSL compiler

Status update LSL->C# Translator is close to complete. Needs bigger/more scripts to bughunt.Compiler is capable of compiling C# to .Net (invokes LSL->C# trans if needed).Script Manager is capable of loading and initializing script .Net Assembly. Missing:LSL BuiltIn command implementation.Event implementation.

How to contribute?

OpenSim.Region.ScriptEngine.DotNetEngine.Compiler.LSL.LSL_BaseClass.cs contains a s*load of empty functions. These are all the LSL-functions. And all needs to be implemented. Implement most important/most used first. There is a “World” object available (scene). Example of implementation:

LSL to C#

To compile LSL code I figured the best way would be to first translate it into C#.Since LL will be supporting both LSL and C# we can use the same translator on a web page or similar to help people who know LSL to understand C#.Also it is much simpler for other developers on OpenSim … Read more

Changing tactics

After a meeting with Babbage Linden in Zero Lindens office hours on thursday I realized that with the new Mono/.Net compiler they are implementing we will have to make a few adjustments. It was earlier assume that compilation would be done at client of both LSL and LSO, therefore I focused on making a LSO … Read more