Image sizes of GIF, PNG, and JPEG after compression

By | 2014-07-12

When working with storage and network it is sometimes useful to know the estimated size of image. Should it be stored in SQL/NoSQL, locally, to CDN? Quite a few times have I tried to get a quick answer by Google, but its not that easy. So today I figured I’d write up a quick app, convert an image to some formats and post the results.

Image format and compression level impacts the size of an image.

The original image is a 16384×16384 332MB PNG image. I’m converting it to thumbnails of exponential starting at 8×8, 16×16, 32×32, .. up to 8192×8192. Once we hit 512 I keep thumbnails to this size so the table is readable. Once we hit 1024 I reuse the images from 1024 because there is little visible change. The image link is however linked to the resulting image.

Link to the result

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