Leaving NimbusTech AS

By | 2010-03-12

I’ve left my position at NimbusTech AS.

NimbusTech AS was founded by me and Imran Tamboli in 2008 as a joint venture based on a privately held company I have been running since 2003. During our time in NimbusTech we have had a high learning curve and learned a lot about business (and accounting) from a non-developers perspective. We have some good and reliable customers and been able to participate in some fun projects. However running a small company is a 150% job, and we’ve both decided that its time for a break.

NimbusTech AS was instrumental in developing many projects, ranging from yellow/white pages to maintaining SQL and FAST Search Engine. We also wrote and maintained a digital signage network running on 100 busses which included hardware, display software, publishing software, maintenance tools, auto update, etc… This was heavily based on the experience we had from Digital Posters AS.

I’ve longed for a bigger developer community for some time, and after 12 years in the SMB-market I believe I can learn a lot from working with larger companies for some time. For these reasons and more I applied at Avenir (EDB Consulting Group) which were able to take me in very quickly (just 2 days after contract was signed).

My new position involves maintaining and extending existing custom software solutions. I’m a bit exited about this as it gives me the opportunity to work with projects that have already been delivered, hence I will get a chance to learn the DO’s and DON’T’s of making program code that can be easily maintained. Previously I have mainly been maintaining my own code, so I look forward to the challenge of understanding and extending other peoples code.

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