.Net Dictionary<> speed and memory

I love writing and optimizing stuff that puts strain on memory and CPU. Lately I’ve been wondering how well the .Net Dictionary object performs, and after looking at the source code for it, Googling and SO’ing I thought it would be good to complete the project with some real-world data that could be shared. So […]

Resolving application path in .dll Web, Console, WinForms and WPF applications

When sharing .dll’s between desktop applications and web applications finding the current application path can be troublesome. For desktop applications you can usually just use the path of a loaded assembly (.exe or .dll) in the application directory. For web applications that won’t work since the .dll’s are copied to a temporary directory when the […]

Locating config file from .dll in both Desktop and Web applications

I’m using Nini for most my config needs. Nini is a .Net library for reading/writing/merging all kinds of config files. It provides a good API with type conversion, default values, etc. To be able to access both app.config and web.config using Nini in .dll files included in test projects, desktop applications, services, web applications, webservices, […]

Unsafe kernel32-mapped memory Bitmap WPF

Okay, its vacation time so I thought I’d take time from vacation (and from reading news about the terror attacks in Oslo that happened a few miles from here) to do a little post. This time is an unsafe kernel32 memory mapped bitmap image I’m constantly improving upon. I do a lot of DSP-related stuff […]

Hann/Hanning & Hamming window functions in C#

Not so much output from me lately. The reason is that I’m occupied with an exciting and extremely complex hobby project. My geeksuperpower (or one of them) is that I’m able to keep extremely focused for long periods of time (months). Even when its boring, tough and seems impossible to solve the task I work […]


… is that the right name? It basically works like a combination of the StringBuilder and Queue objects. You enqueue arrays of T, and you dequeue custom sized chunks of the array. What makes it nice is that I’ve optimized memory usage so it never creates any temp arrays internally except the one returned to […]

IE favorites, NTFS symbolic links and Dropbox

NTFS symlinks Well-known to *nix-users, unknown to most Windows-users. A file or folder can exist in more than one place, meaning the file is stored once to disk, but can have two different names on different locations. If you change it one place the change happens to the other place. I won’t bother going into […]

Optimizing RDP for casual use (Windows 7 SP1, RemoteFX)

Using RDP Since some time back around 2000 I’ve been running a dual desktop configuration at work. One screen for my laptop at work, and one screen with RDP home to a more powerful computer. Since I spend most of my time in front of a computer I usually invest a fair amount of money […]

Another day, another bug…

This time it is NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component. I usually have two gfx cards, one ATI and one Nvidia. Currently the Nvidia card is not inserted, but the drivers are still active. Every now and then this happens: And guess when I killed it…